Arnyoung Or Arnold? Schwarzenegger Still Stronger Than You At 66


It’s been more than four decade since Arnold Schwarzenegger won his first Mr. Olympia contest but he could probably still give today’s contestants a run for their money. I mean if Arnyoung can do it than Arnold should have no problem.

arnold schwarzenegger

The image may be pretty funny but it’s also pretty amazing. I mean look at that guy. He’s 66-years-old.

Muscle And Fitness Magazine reports that Arnold has regularly been doing curls for over 50 years. Needless to say, if you’re looking for some weight lifting advice you should probably listen to Arnold.

“I was able to get the big biceps because I always curled with my wrists straight. You see what I’m doing? Sergio [Oliva, three-time Mr. Olympia] would curl the wrists up as he lifted the weight. That’s why he had massive forearms, but average biceps. You have to keep your wrists straight.”

You hear that? Keep your wrists straight if you want to look like Arnyoung. I mean Arnold. Whatever.

Dan Evon

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