Breaking Bad Scavenger Hunt: Aaron Paul Hides Tickets Around Hollywood For Finale

breaking bad

Is this really happening? The Breaking Bad finale is only a few hours away and apparently Aaron Paul is having a little scavenger hunt to celebrate.

The Breaking Bad star has already flown out a few fans to Hollywood to watch the series finale and apparently he’s got a few more tickets to his party. The actor just sent out a tweet saying that he put 20 tickets for the Breaking Bad finale around Hollywood.

Did you read that? You did? Then why are you still reading this?! Go! Buy your plane ticket. Get on the train. Run. Get to Hollywood now because the scavenger hunt starts in thirty minutes.

This sort of thing isn’t too surprising. Aaron Paul is a pretty awesome guy and he’s always doing something for his fans. He hung out with one fan in Hollywood today …

… and he met another at his hotel.

aaron paul

And this isn’t the first time he’s had a scavenger hunt for tickets.

aaron paul twitter

Of course, Aaron Paul isn’t the only Breaking Bad star who appreciates his fans.

Are you excited for the Breaking Bad finale? Here are some scavenger hunt hints from Aaron Paul.

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