Goodbye Breaking Bad: Aaron Paul And Bryan Cranston Get Ready For Finale

Bryan Cranston - Breaking Bad

Goodbye Breaking Bad. The series finale of the hit AMC show will air tonight and stars Bryan Cranstona and Aaron Paul are preparing their fans for an emotional ride.

Paul and Cranston will be watching the finale tonight with a few fans who won a contest on Omaze.

But the Omaze winner isn’t the only fan who is excited for the Breaking Bad finale. #GoodbyeBreakingBad has been trending on Twitter and Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul certainly enjoy all of the love.

Vince Gilligan said at the start of Breaking Bad that he wanted to bring Walter White from the innocent Mr. Chips to the dangerous Scarface. We’ll find out just how close he gets to his vision in a few hours.

Walter White may end up pretty close to Scarface. After all, he will at some point have a military grade machine gun during tonight’s episode. But who will he use it on? Walter White is probably heading to Uncle Jack’s hideout to get some revenge but Breaking Bad loves to play with expectations.

You can check out some possible Breaking Bad endings here or some endings that definitely won’t happen here.

Are you excited for the finale tonight?

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