Billy The Blind Kid Lands ‘Dumber And Dumber To’ Role Thanks To Facebook

Billy The Blind Kid

Billy the Blind Kid, aka actor Brady Bluhm, only had a small role in the original Dumb and Dumber movie, but it was a memorable role. Now the actor has landed a reprisal in the sequel thanks to Facebook.

After it was announced that the Farrelly Brothers were moving forward with the sequel Bardy Bluhm publicly threw his support behind the movie.

As it turns out the Farrelly Brothers had already written Bluhm a short part in the new film but couldn’t find him. They weren’t even sure if he was in the acting business any longer.

The films creators eventually turned to Facebook where they hunted down Billy the Blind Kid and offered him a chance at a role.

You heard that right, Billy the Blind Kid still had to audition and he passed with flying colors.

After landing the role Brady revealed that Harry and Lloyd will still be living in the same apartment. Outside of that little tidbit the actor remained mum of further details.

This goes to prove that sometimes the people who find us on Facebook aren’t just annoying old college roommates we haven’t spoken to in 20 years.

James Kosur

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