Kanye West Twitter Meltdown IN PROGRESS, Jimmy Kimmel Catfight [Breaking]

kim and kanye's baby

Today, September 26, 2013, Twitter witnessed a Kanye West meltdown at Jimmy Kimmel of epic proportions.

Seriously, catch Kanye as he is still losing it, either for real or in a very well acted Kimmel troll, over on the social microblogging service.

We can’t even, it’s just … it’s so good. Kanye has the CAPS LOCK going, and Kimmel is swatting back.

Other celebs are getting involved. But we can only sum it up with this one, amazing tweet:


The context:

Jimmy Kimmel being Jimmy Kimmel:

And Kanye being real — we kind of want to hug him:

It is getting meta, as expected:

(Shoutout to the Horse ebooks scandal.)

This also describes our feels right now:

Updated: Jimmy Kimmel claims Kanye West is genuinely furious with him, and that the shenanigans currently being witnessed on Twitter are not a prank, hoax, or trick. (Should have thought of that, Kimmel, before you played us all with the twerk fire!)

Kanye takes it to Imgur:

But we all really want the goods behind this part:

This is allegedly the video that prompted the Kanye/Kimmel feud:

Have you been watching the Kanye West Jimmy Kimmel Twitter fight currently in progress?

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