7 Breaking Bad Endings That Might Happen In An Alternate Dimension

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad comes to a crushing end this Sunday, and fans will have to say goodbye to one of the most talked about TV shows of all time.

We recently covered five things that won’t happen in the finale (spoiler alert), and even more ideas keep popping up.

Thankfully, the chances of the finale ending any of these seven new ways, is about as likely as Earth getting hit by an asteroid before Sunday rolls around.


Yes, that is a photo of exactly who you think it is, and it is not photoshopped. However, it is just a photo Aaron Paul jokingly shared on Instagram (post contains spoilers).

Except for a few winners of talent shows, most tend to fade away from the spotlight. Jesse, and other characters could even team up as a group, helping everyone to vanish.

Video editors will demand worker’s compensation due to carpel tunnel from days of having to “bleep” every eight seconds.

Even better, the unknown black character will be played by Samuel L. Jackson.

If you are an overly obsessed fan of fart jokes or a 12-year-old boy, this ending will be a hit.

Writer and Executive Producer Vince Gilligan has made it pretty clear there will be no more Breaking Bad after this final episode, but maybe in another dimension it will play out another five seasons.

Breaking Bad

Will you be tuning into the Breaking Bad Finale or do you still have catching up to do?

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