One Direction Most Powerful Band? #45millionbeliebers Act Oddly Okay With No. 2 Spot

One Direction Biggest Singing Group Under 21 - Billboard List

One Direction has been named as the world’s top act for’s 2013 edition of 21 Under 21. The list tracks the music industry’s most powerful young artists on a yearly basis.

Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson have been on a roll lately. Their hit single Up All Night has reached number one in 35 countries. and the boys of One Direction are also the only group in UK history to have both of their first two albums reach number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

If that isn’t enough to earn them the top spot 1D also had six songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart over the past 10 months. Oh and they have watched as their This is Us concert movie has grossed $62 million to date.

As expected fans of One Direction quickly took to Twitter where they discussed the Billboard 21 Under 21 listings. Justin Bieber fans also chimed in but were oddly okay with the No 2. spot.

One super fan using the handle @VASHAPPENINJAS was quick to defend the guys, noting their recently awards and chart topping success:

Justin Bieber fans surprisingly didn’t freake out at not taking the top spot. Fan account @JBCrewdotcom tweeted:

Another fan was just happy to highlight Bieber’s No. 2 finish:

Another fan also managed to not hurl death threats or crazy remarks as a group who dared top Bieber:

Another Belieber tweets:

We really don’t know what to say, we typically find ourselves engaging in Twitter battles with anger Justin Bieber fans. It looks as if Bieber’s following is aging right along with their musical hero and perhaps maturing faster than the oft-in-trouble pop superstar.

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