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Hailee Steinfeld

Relativity’s big screen adaptation of Romeo and Juliet premieres on September 24 and in preparation for that release Hailee Steinfeld and her fellow actors sat down for a video interview.

That video which also features co-star Douglas Booth, and fellow actors Ed Westwick, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Tomas Arana, and Nathalie Rapti Gomez has helped the term “Hailee Steinfeld” trend on Twitter.

Steinfeld was helped along in her global trending grab by fellow gal pal Taylor Swift and friends Jaden Smith and Moises Arias.

During the interview Steinfeld said of her role:

“You kind of have to take it as any other role because I feel like, if I made it a thing that I was a part of re-making this classic or playing this iconic role, I would sort of lose sight of the work. So I was able to read it on a clean slate and go into it and just sort if immerse myself in the entire world.”

Booth, who plays Romeo added:

“I think the theme’s just still so relevant. I mean, all over the world you could find examples of people who are madly in love, but are being forced to marry other people. I think it’s going on all over the world in all societies.”

While Arana added:

“It’s still relevant 500 years later and it will always be relevant a thousand years from now, nothing changes. In Syria now there’s going to be a young son of a family that supports the regime that falls in love with a young daughter of a family that supports the rebels. And I’m sure that happens everywhere in the world.”

Downton Abbey Creator Julian Fellowes chose to go with a more traditional telling of the story:

“I felt (that a drastic adaptation had) been done, I felt it’d been done by Baz, I felt it’d been done very well, actually. What hadn’t been done was a romantic, traditional reinterpretation with a whole Kleenex box of tissues to cry through and that seemed to me to be more interesting because it was nearly half a century since anyone did that on film.”

The interview which was conducted on Google+ Hangouts Live was tagged with the hashtag #RomeoJulietChat and fans were quick to chime in via Twitter:

Douglas Booth took some time to interact with fans:

One fan was saddened by Ed Westwick missing the chat:

While the Romeo And Juliet chat was evenly balance among the cast it was Hailee Steinfeld who won the night thanks to Twitter. It doesn’t hurt that Steinfeld is besties with Taylor Swift which leads to tweets like this:

Or that she has a magazine cover for Asos that is being shared around Twitter:

Hailee’s fashion sense is even winning over fans at the HuffPostStyle team:

And finally here’s a photo of Hailee Steinfeld with Taylor Swift at the Red Carpet premiere:

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