5 Things We Learned From Robin Williams’ Reddit AMA

Robin Williams reddit

Robin Williams stopped by reddit on Wednesday to promote his new show The Crazy Ones, to explore the medium, and to remind us all that we pretty much grew up with him.

Here are a few of the things we learned from his AMA:

No. 1 – He Gave Canada An Awesome Backhanded Compliment

Robin Williams AMA

Whoa, that’s an amazing backhanded compliment. Yankees and Canucks will need some ointment after that burn (possibly caused by the meth lab explosion).

Additionally, reddit was so taken with this line that they pushed a new meme to the top of the thread:

Robin Williams

No. 2 – He’s A Gamer, But You’ll Never Play Him

Robin Williams reddit

Yeah, that often keeps us off Xbox Live as well. Still …

Noooooo gif

No. 3 – He’s A Huge Anime Nerd

Robin Williams reddit

No. 4 – Christopher Reeve Fed His Poor Ass In College

Robin WIlliams reddit

And here we thought Christopher Reeve’s stock was as high as it could humanly get.

CHristopher reeve

No. 5 – He Once Tried To Buy A Dildo As Mrs. Doubtfire Because … Well, Just Because.

Robin Williams reddit

Nice gif

Bonus Moment From Robin Williams’ Reddit AMA:

Robin Williams reddit

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