Frisky Baboon Gets To Second Base With TV Reporter [Viral Video]

Frisky Baboon Grabs A Boob

What happens when an unsuspecting female reporter stands in front of an opportunistic baboon on live television? The frisky critter gets to second base. Obviously.

That’s pretty much what happened to reporter Sabrina Rodriguez during a recent segment about the Lodi Grape Festival. Although the encounter starts out harmless enough at first, it doesn’t take long for their relationship to make the jump to PG-13 territory. It’s kind of creepy.

The most delightful (horrifying?) aspect of the frisky baboon video is the look on his face as he’s coping a feel. Say what you want about the intelligence of animals, but he certainly appears satisfied with himself. At least Rodriguez handles the situation with poise. Kudos to her for that.

The clip might be only 22 seconds long, but it’s easily the most amusing clip you’re likely to find on the web today. Unless, of course, you’ve been watching that Joseph Gordon-Levitt lip synch clip for the past several hours. Can’t really blame you for that one. The guy is adorable.

Without further ado, here’s a baboon grabbing a TV reporter’s breasts. Enjoy.

[H/T: Uproxx]

Todd Rigney

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