Michelle Obama Has Five Million Twitter Followers (And Half Of Them Are Fake)

Michelle Obama Twitter

First Lady Michelle Obama has 5.3 million Twitter followers, and a good chunk of them are fake.

According to the Twitter stats app Status People, 37 percent of Michelle’s Twitter followers (just under 2 million) are considered “fake.” Of the remaining 63 percent, 35 percent are simply inactive (and therefore useless) while only 28 percent are considered “good” or real.

That means less than 1.5 million of Michelle Obama’s Twitter followers are actually listening to her.

Of course, Michelle Obama is a bit of a Twitter slouch anyway. The Daily Caller points out that her last tweet was on March 4, and it was just a retweet from her Let’s Move initiative’s account.

Additionally, her personal account is run by Organizing for Action. Michelle Obama’s account for the Office of the First Lady is @FLOTUS, which has 513,026 followers, a quarter of which are also fake.

There’s no need to feel bad for Michelle Obama, though. First of all, Eliza Dushku follows her, and with Eliza Dushku in your followers, you literally need no other followers.

Secondly, this happens to big handles all the time. In fact, the bigger the handle, the more subject to spam you are, as Lady Gaga found out last year.

Even Michelle’s husband, the freakin’ president, suffers from inflated Twitter follower numbers. About 55 percent of his 36.8 million followers are fake.

You can become one of Michelle Obama’s real Twitter followers here.

Dusten Carlson
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