Fitocracy Introduces Group Fitness Plans


Fitocracy is a fitness-based social network which currently boasts over one million users, and has introduced group fitness plans.

The social network is currently running the groups as a pilot, and will give users access to “the best trainers in the world, helping you reach your goals in a community environment.”

There are currently four different group fitness plans to choose from starting at $49 per month for two months for “Weight Loss Made Simple.”

Groups are pretty straightforward, and you can receive a customized nutritional plan, food guide and exercise regimen depending on the type of group.

However, what makes fitness groups on Fitocracy particularly appealing is support within a private community, enabling you to talk with others in the group, ask questions and communicate with your coach.

Personal trainers can cost hundreds of dollars per hour, and at a fraction of the price, you can get a detailed regimen and ongoing support.

From Founder Dick Talens:

We think that this is what is going to make Fitocracy a billion dollar company. If you look at fitness spend in the last decade, a relatively small amount of money has shifted from offline to online. That shouldn’t make sense. People and products should get paid if they yield results, and from what we’ve seen on Fitocracy, the Internet is often unparalleled when it comes to getting people fit.

Fitocracy also offers a premium account for $4.99 per month which includes exclusive benefits like unique titles for fitness milestones, ability to copy workouts and early access to new features.

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