Ireland Baldwin Shares Photos From Emmy Awards

ireland baldwin

Alec Baldwin had a special woman on his arm as he walked the red carpet at the Emmy Awards: His daughter Ireland Baldwin.

Ireland, who is the daughter of Alec and Kim Basinger, is starting to get used to the spotlight. She’s done a few magazine spreads and she is hoping to break into acting in the near future. Ireland isn’t ready to win an Emmy just yet but she’s already comfortable on the red carpet.
The young model had her photo snapped a bazillion times (just a guess) as she walked the red carpet but the really interesting photos of Ireland Baldwin come from Twitter and Instagram.

First she shaved her legs… and her back.

Then she started getting dressed.

Then she drove to the show with her dad Alec Baldwin. ireland baldwin

Then she posed with stars like Lena Dunham.

ireland baldwin

And Robin Williams.

ireland baldwin

And Zooey.

ireland and zooey

And whoever this guy is. (It’s Ireland Baldwin’s boyfriend Slater Trout.)

Ireland sat next to her dad and Keri Washington.

And when it was over she rushed home to watch Breaking Bad.

It looks like Ireland Baldwin had a pretty good time at the Emmy Awards.

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