Girl With Down Syndrome Wins ‘Wet Seal’ Modeling Job Thanks To Facebook

Karrie Brown - Wet Seal Model with Downs Syndrome

Wet Seals newest model is a 17-year-old girl with Down syndrome and she owes her success to a Facebook page.

Karrie Brown has a winning smile, plenty of energy, and love for fashion. Recently the young girls mom posted photos of her daughter wearing the label’s Plus line on it’s Facebook page and on a page she setup for her daughter.

Each day the girls mom, Sue, would post photos of Karrie on the pages as she donned her favorite Wet Seal outfits. Karrie then proclaimed that the company’s clothes help her “fit in while standing out.”

Eventually fans of the Wet Seal Facebook page began taking to Twitter and Facebook and asking the company to hire Karrie.

Speaking to ABC News Wet Seal’s Yasmin Ezaby says:

“She immediately caught our attention. We then asked our fans to get Karrie’s Facebook page to 10k likes and we would give her the trip of a lifetime. She exceeded this goal in two days.”

More than 20,000 people have now liked her post and the company is providing Karrie and her mom with an all-expense paid trip from their home in Collinsville, Illinois to Los Angeles, California. The company is even throwing in a free trip to Disneyland.

Wet Seal holds an annual model search but this is the first time they have held a special contest just for one girl.

The company hosted Karrie for her photo shoot on August 30.

The photo shoot will be released on Wet Seal’s websites.

In the meantime Karrie is already working towards her next goal, dancing on TV with Ellen DeGeneres. Once again Sue is working to help her daughter achieve her dreams.

“Fit in while standing out” is a great slogan. Maybe Wet Seal will go farther and use the young girls slogan.

Are you impressed with Wet Seal’s decision to hire Karrie Brown?

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