‘Breaking Bad’ Tips From Aaron Paul

breaking bad

Breaking Bad fans are going to get hit with another pulse-pounding episode tonight. Thankfully, Aaron Paul has provided his loyal Twitter following with a few tips for watching the hit AMC show.

Tip 1: Breathe

Last week’s Ozymandias had some Breaking Bad fans reaching for some anti-anxiety pills. Secrets were revealed, people died, and families were broken. We also saw a glimpse into the chaotic action of the final two episodes. If you’re going to watch Breaking Bad tonight please prepare yourself by reading through this brief guide.

Tip 2: Set DVR

I know it’s hard to believe but some people out there are going to miss watching Breaking Bad to watch Breaking Bad win a bunch of awards at the Emmys. If you are one of those people, first, rethink your priorities, second, set your DVR.

And when you set your DVR, remember that tonight’s episode, as well as the finale, will be 75 minutes long.

Are you going to watch Breaking Bad tonight? Is your DVR set? Have you practiced your breathing techniques? OK, here’s a preview for tonight’s episode.

Aaron Paul also has you covered if you’re looking for someBreaking Bad spoilers.

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