18 Inning Baseball Game Sets Record For Player Boredom [Photographic Evidence]

gene simmons

Last night the Tampa Bay Rays and the Baltimore Orioles played a marathon 18 inning game. The seven hour contest set a franchise record for both teams and a MLB record for most pitchers (21) use in a single game.

You can read about those records at MLB.com. Here at the SND, we’re more concerned with the possibility that last night’s 18 inning game may have set record for player boredom.

Unfortunately, there is no scientific way to measure the collective boredom of a baseball team. There are also no records on the book for last night’s game to break. There is, however, a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that both teams were dangerously bored during the 18 inning contest.


After the clock struck midnight the Tampa Bay Rays started to get a little restless. The team decided to pull out a few of their superstitious secret weapons to help the team rally to victory.

Rays outfielder David DeJesus said: “We pulled out all the characters, had a lot of stuff going on, but to pull a win in this type of atmosphere, it’s a great win for us.”


Gene Simmons couldn’t provide an adequate amount of voodoo so the Rays turned to their unofficial mascot, Chewbacca.

With the Rays pulling out the classic Gene Simmons / Chewbacca offensive strategy the Orioles knew that they had to come up big on the defensive end.


Chewbacca and Kiss made the 18 inning game last night pretty memorable but it was the mad scientist in the Orioles dugout that put this game into the “history making” category.

Has a player ever looked so bored? This man is just one inning away from full blown insanity.

Thankfully, the game ended mercifully after 6 hours and 54 minutes. And yes, Chewbacca and Kiss celebrated like they had just won the World Series.

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