Jennette McCurdy ‘Overwhelmed With Love And Support’ After Mother’s Death

jennette mccurdy

If there’s a silver lining to Debra McCurdy’s death it’s that her daughter, former Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy, has seen just how much her fans care for her.

The actress has received hundreds of messages from her fans, her co-stars, and her friends in the wake of her mother’s death. Debra passed away on Friday after a 17-year-old battle with breast cancer.

In 2010, Jennette wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal about her mother’s struggle with the disease. The actress said that despite all of the pain that her mother was in she always put her family first.

Jennette writes: “… They found cancer in my mother’s brain and she has started another round of chemotherapy for the cancer in the rest of her body. She can barely stand, yet she gets up before me in the morning so that she can make me a mug of hot chocolate… I don’t know how she does it, but she claims it’s what makes her happy.”

McCurdy doesn’t have her mother to lean on anymore but she does still have a strong support system thanks to her friends and family.

Jennette McCurdy recently struck up a relationship with Andre Drummond and it looks like her new (possible) boyfriend is standing by her side. Drummond, however, seems be struggling with what to say to McCurdy.

Thankfully, he’s received some advice on Twitter.

Jennette McCurdy hasn’t commented on her mother’s death yet but she has thanked her fans for their support. Jennette said that she was “overwhelemed” by all of the love she’s received in the wake of her mother’s passing.

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