Facebook Creates New ‘AI Team’ To Better Understand Users


Facebook is always trying to make sense of the billions of posted shared each day, and has created an “AI team” tasked with helping the social network learn more about its users.

AI or artificial intelligence is nothing new, and the eight-person team is working on a process called deep learning, “which uses simulated networks of brain cells to process data.”

What makes deep learning so interesting to Facebook? MIT Technology Review explains:

Deep learning has shown potential to enable software to do things such as work out the emotions or events described in text even if they aren’t explicitly referenced, recognize objects in photos, and make sophisticated predictions about people’s likely future behavior.

While the method could benefit ad targeting and increasing revenue, CTO Mike Schroepfer mentioned using it to improve News Feed results.

Facebook already employs an algorithm called Edgerank to deliver what it deems the best results, but deep learning could take it to the next level.

“The data set is increasing in size, people are getting more friends, and with the advent of mobile, people are online more frequently,” Schroepfer told MIT Technology Review. “It’s not that I look at my news feed once at the end of the day; I constantly pull out my phone while I’m waiting for my friend, or I’m at the coffee shop. We have five minutes to really delight you.”

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