Only 30% Of TV-Related Tweets Sent During Commercials


Twitter has become a big part of how people watch TV, and according to Nielsen’s SocialGuide, only 30 percent of tweets are sent during commercial breaks.

Nielsen analyzed data from 59 different cable and broadcast TV shows, and found that around 70 percent of tweets were actually posted during the program.

When it came to specific genres, sports had the lowest percentage of tweets sent during commercial time at 25 percent.

For drama, 28 percent of tweets were sent during commercials, reality shows saw 29 percent and comedy saw the highest at 35 percent.

Last month, Nielsen published a new study which found that 29 percent of the time, tweets lead to a “significant increase” in TV show ratings.

Tweets about TV shows are clearly having an impact, and with the release of the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating before the end of 2013, Hollywood will soon have another way to measure popularity of shows.


Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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