‘This Charming Charlie’ Tumblr Targeted By The Smiths

this charming charlie smiths

Popular Tumblr site “This Charming Charlie” is a copyright haze of Peanuts comics mashed up with lyrics from The Smiths, but it appears parody is not enough of a haven to prevent the site from going away due to publisher complaints.

“This Charming Charlie” is itself a reference to both — Charlie Brown, the star of the Peanuts franchise and a somewhat morose little boy, and the classic Smiths track “This Charming Man,” which also sort of features a morose little boy and defeated outlook on life.

The combination of the cheerily pessimistic nature of both Morrissey’s lyrics and Peanuts overall combined to make an amusing redux of both, but the Tumblr on which they were featured will be made to pack it up and pack it in, after music rights holders objected.

“This Charming Charlie” announced the end of their Tumblr run in a blog post cheekily titled “I Know It’s Over” (one of the most brilliant of all the brilliant Smiths tracks), advising fans to save the work due to an influx of copyright complaints:

“The Smiths licensing company (Universal Music Publishing Group) has started requesting posts be removed from This Charming Charlie. So far 6 posts have been removed, and it is increasing every hour. If you like the page, please save copies of the comics to your own computer … It was fun while it lasted, I wish Morrissey and Marr were a bit more understanding.”

While the Tumblr of Smiths/Peanuts mashups remains for now, we can feel the soil falling over its head.

Kim LaCapria

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