MailChimp Launches Better HootSuite Integration


MailChimp is a popular email marketing service, and has launched better HootSuite integration.

The email marketing service has been integrated with the social media app since April 2012, and has made some improvements.

Thanks to feedback gathered from over 15,000 users, you can now search your MailChimp lists directly from your timelines.

For example, to see if someone is actually subscribed to one of your lists, simply scroll over their photo, and then from the drop-down menu select “Search MailChimp Subscriber.”

It searches for the person based on their name, but you can edit the search to possibly get better results.


Directly from HootSuite, you can view their basic profile info, and easily add notes about them.


MailChimp has also integrated a Lists and Campaigns stream, which help you keep an eye on how your lists, and recent email campaigns are performing.


Within both streams, you are able to quickly view detailed stats about a campaign, or get a better look at your list such as growth, unsubscribes, open rates and more.


To add MailChimp to your HootSuite dashboard, simply visit HootSuite’s App Directory.

Mike Stenger

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