Buffer Hits 1 Million Users, Over $2 Million In Annual Revenue


Buffer, a social media scheduling service, announced today that it has hit one million users. Co-Founder Leo Widrich broke the news, and shared some more interesting stats.

While Buffer is free, there are premium plans starting at $10 per month for support up to 12 social media profiles, unlimited posting and more.

According to Leo, annual revenue has doubled since January 2013, and is estimated at just over $2 million as of September 2013.

There are 16,204 paying customers, and if they all stood on top of one another, it would be 85 times the height of the Eiffel Tower.

Since its launch in October 2010, 87,798,149 posts have been shared, nearly triple the population of Canada.

18 people have invested in Buffer with $450,000 raised thus far, and there are currently 13 employees.

Over 1.2 million social media profiles are connected, and each account on average shares around 70 updates.

Leo also shared a story of how the service came to be:

The origin of Buffer can be traced back to a (probably) rainy night in Birmingham, UK, somewhere in October 2010. Joel (Founder/CEO), after having dabbled with a few social media tools to help him schedule his Tweets, was fed up with what was available and wanted to build something better and easier to use. “What if scheduling a Tweet, could be as easy as sending it now?” must have been one of the key questions he mulled over. And so, without writing any code at first, Joel got to work and see whether others would find Buffer useful too. It then took him 7 weeks to validate and build the first version of Buffer.


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