Danica Patrick Runs Out Of Cinnamon, Panics

danica patrick

Danica Patrick has no problem racing around a track at 200 mph. She’s calm, collected, and can make snap decisions at break neck speeds.

Danica Patrick also has no problem standing in front of cameras, lights, and a massive TV audience. The NASCAR star recently said that she’s “excited” to host the American Country Awards.

But take away her cinnamon? Don’t ever take away Danica’s cinnamon. She just can’t handle it.

On September 18, 2013, Danica Patrick’s world was flipped upside down. She was hungry. She was out of cinnamon. She didn’t know what to do.

Danica reportedly stormed around her apartment, throwing cinnamonless food against the walls, screaming at her boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr. for being a no good, cinnamon hating loser, and licking the dusty brown remnants of an empty container.

Sadly, 18 hours later, Danica still hadn’t gotten her fix.

Please, someone, anyone, get Danica Patrick some cinnamon. And please, Danica, when you do get your cinnamon… don’t do this.

cinnamon fail

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