Picking Pumpkins: Popular Parenting Pinterest Pin Picks

Rock Jack-O-Lanterns

The crisp coolness of fall is finally in the air in my neck of the woods. For my Popular Parenting Pinterest Pin Picks of the week, here are my top pins inspired by pumpkins in celebration of autumn.

Popular Craft Pin

My daughter loves pumpkins. She also loves rocks. For my top pick for pumpkin crafts, check out the adorable rock jack-o-lanterns from No Time for Flashcards.

Rock Jack-O-Lanterns

Popular Activity Pin

Kids love playing with playdough, but the regular variety can get a little boring week after week. For an easy way to make plain playdough more seasonal, check out this pumpkin spice playdough from Small + Friendly.

Pumpkin Spice Playdough

Popular Gardening Pin

I love attempting to grow pumpkins in my garden. This year my pickings are a little slim because of the weird weather. However, when next spring arrives, I may try growing my pumpkins inside other pumpkins as suggested by Growing in Pre K.

Growing Pumpkins Inside a Pumpkin

Popular Recipe Pin

I love cooking with pumpkin come the fall season. However, you can add pumpkins to your table without actually adding pumpkin. Check out these adorable pumpkin deviled eggs from Foodista from some seasonal appetizers.

Pumpkin Deviled Eggs

Popular Dessert Pin

Pumpkin is one of my favorite ingredients for desserts. I also love brownies. For my top dessert pin of the week, check out these delicious-looking pumpkin spice brownie bites from Inside BruCrew Life.

Pumpkin Spice Brownie Bites

Do you have a favorite pumpkin pin? Share in the comments below.

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  1. What great ideas! We are going pumpkin picking in October so this gives me some inspiration!