40% Of Facebook Page Admins Are Over 30

Facebook Page

Facebook page admins may be thought of as young and hip, but according to data collected from Socialbakers, 40.2 percent are over the age of 30.

In an infographic titled “Are All Facebook Page Admins Young Hipsters? Breaking The Stereotypes!,” the social media analytics company analyzed results from over 100,000 admins.

35.8 percent were found to be under 30-years-old, and 24 percent had an “unspecified age.”

Out of the 100,000 admins, here is the breakdown for each age group:

  • 13-18: 1,214
  • 18-20: 1,717
  • 20-30: 42,816
  • 30-40: 35,007
  • 40-50: 11,501
  • 50-60: 3,158
  • 60-70: 870
  • 70+: 933
  • Unspecified: 30,783

While 26.2 percent of Facebook page admins did not specify their gender, 51.5 percent were men, and 22.3 percent were women.

On average, men manage around 10 Facebook pages, and women manage around seven.

However, female Facebook page admins tend to oversee 36,442 fans on average, compared to 23,579 for men.

Facebook Page

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