Curiator Lets You Share And Discover Art In Pinterest Fashion


Curiator hopes to move online art into the 21st century, and is a Pinterest-like app that makes it easy for anyone to share or discover art.

The app was demoed on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt SF, and founded by Tobias Boonstoppel, former Google Software Engineer, and Moenen Erbuer.

From Moenen:

The online art world is stuck in 1995. Indeed, before I turned my attention to the world of technology, I worked for an art magazine, and I remember all too well the clunky websites full of too-heavy image files, glitchy marketplace joint ventures full of false purchases and dodgy work, and “galleries” of digital-specific art that too often bore little relation to beautiful work that you could see, if you could make a trip to a gallery in the flesh. It wasn’t pretty.

When you first create an account on Curiator, it asks what art you like, helping to create your own “collection.”

You can follow other users’ collections, discover art in specific categories or by name.

Sharing to other social networks is highly encouraged, and when you click on an image and drag with your mouse, several options appear to share the art on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest.

Users can also get the direct link to share via email for example, and download the image directly to their computer.

Currently, Curiator is in limited beta, and plans on eventually adding a marketplace where people can buy directly from artists.

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