Twitter Acquires MoPub, Mobile Ad Exchange Startup


Twitter looks to further expand its ad platform, and has acquired MoPub, a mobile ad exchange startup for a reported $350 million in stock.

MoPub helps advertisers monitor, and optimize their ad campaigns across Android or iOS.

According to Adam Bain, President of Global Revenue at Twitter, the social network plans on using the acquisition to integrate real-time bidding into its ads platform.

Jim Payne, CEO of MoPub, will become VP of Exchange at Twitter, and the ad exchange startup itself will remain in service.

From the official blog post:

Twitter will invest in our core business and we will continue to build the tools and technology you need to better run your mobile advertising business. In addition to investing in new capabilities for our publisher platform, we believe there are opportunities to bring better native advertising to the mobile ecosystem. With the support of the team and resources of Twitter, we’ll be able to move even more quickly towards the realization of our original vision.

Twitter has been hinting at a potential IPO, and an acquisition like MoPub will help it get even more serious about ads, helping to increase revenue.

Mike Stenger

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