Romanian Coca-Cola Ad Integrates Live Tweets During Broadcasting

Romanian Coca-Cola Live Tweet Campaign - TV Ad

A new Romanian Coca-Cola ad integrates live tweets as the ad appears on TV.

The ad includes a subtitle bar that allows Coca-Cola to run tweets that consumers sent with the hashtag #LetsEatTogether.

The tweets were edited by ad agency MRM Worldwide. Five to seven customer tweets made their way into the ad placement.

The campaign focuses on the fact that 60% of people don’t eat meals together, but instead sit in front of the TV.

Most of the tweets were an invitation for people to have a meal together while enjoying an ice cold Coca-Cola.

The integrated live tweets helped Coke’s Twitter followers increase by 15% as hundreds of people retweeted the TV ad spot.

Coca-Cola scored a big win when the commercial started making the rounds on local TV news programs.

Coke may end up running a similar ad in the United States since it actually had viewers engaging with the brand online.

Here’s the Romanian Coca-Cola ad with live Twitter integration:

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