Google+ Launches Embedded Posts


Google+ has followed in Facebook’s footsteps, and finally launched the ability to embed posts.

The social network has been testing the ability with organizations like National Geographic, and it’s now available to all users.

Just like with embedding Facebook posts, you can only embed posts that are shared with the public.

To embed a Google+ post, simply scroll over top of it, and click the drop-down arrow on the top right.

From there, click “Embed post,” and you will see a pop-up like the one pictured above.

Now, just copy and paste the code into a blog post, and it will look something like this:

Thanks to the “Sign in with Google+” button, easier author attribution has also been introduced, which helps give your articles a face in search results.

For example, if you were to sign into your account using Google+ sign in, your articles and website will automatically be linked to your Google+ profile.

Currently, only WordPress and Typepad are supported, but there are plans to roll out the feature to more platforms in the near future.

Mike Stenger

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