Facebook Launches Two New Search Tools For News Organizations


Facebook, in an effort to help news organization better keep track of conversations in real-time, has launched two new search tools.

The first tool works as a search engine of sorts, pulling up public posts based on specific keywords or phrases.

The second tool also allows news organizations to search for specific keywords or phrases, but pulls up anonymous data of private posts such as geographical information, age, and gender.

From Facebook director of partnerships Andy Mitchell:

This is a way for news organizations to tap into and understand what people are talking about. The possibilities are kind of endless, once we have this in the hands of talented, creative journalists.

Currently, these tools are in the testing phase, and only available to CNN, Buzzfeed, Sky Television, Slate, and NBC News.

The social network plans on rolling out access to these search tools to more news organizations, but is sticking with the typical line of “soon.”

Facebook continues to face an uphill battle against Twitter in the world of real-time search.

Although it has around five times the users, Twitter is still king when it comes to real-time search.

With the introduction of hashtags, trending topics, and these two new search tools, Facebook hopes to become a bigger player in the search business.


Mike Stenger

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