Closed Facebook Walls Increase Comments, But Lower Interaction


Facebook pages are a great way to connect with fans, and according to data from Socialbakers, pages that don’t allow wall posts receive less interaction overall.

Socialbakers analyzed engagement of 50 pages in the Airline industry from May 23 to August 23, and found that pages with closed walls received more comments.

However, this was due to customers posting questions within posts instead of sharing them directly on the wall.

The average post engagement rate over 30 days was 0.27 percent for open Facebook walls, and 0.3 percent for closed walls.

Average page engagement rate over 30 days was 0.48 percent for open walls, compared to 0.54 percent for closed walls.

On average, there were 25 more comments per post on pages with closed walls, but overall number of interactions was at 3,833.

This was down from 4,515 interactions on Facebook pages with open walls.


Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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