Snoop Lion Back On Reddit With 2 Chainz AMA, Wants To Mod R/Trees

snoop dogg reddit AMA

Reddit’s r/trees loves Snoop Lion (or the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg), and the pot-smoking rapper hit up the social site again for a popular AMA, which in Reddit lingo stands for “Ask Me Anything.”

Given Reddit’s lively “trees” subreddit and the rapper’s general popularity, the idea went over super well, and Snoop was killin’ it in upvotes.

Snoop posted in the r/IAmA subreddit in a thread titled “I AM SNOOP [W/ 2 CHAINZ] AMA!” The rapper kicked off with some links and plugs, saying in his original post:

watup reddit !!!! wit my guy 2 chainz Bow Wow n we ready to turn reddit up

shameless plugs: get my houseshoes !![1]

Pre-order 2 Chainz new album coming out September 10:[2]

Hostn BET Hip Hop Awards 2![3]

dat proof[4]


UPDATE thx 4 hangin wit tha boss. fnd me in /r/trees[6] as their new moderator [10]

If you’re new to Reddit, unlike Snoop the mod, threads are weighted by their upvotes — and thus heavily upvoted comments display at the top. Snoop’s newest AMA has the strange top comment thread of Snoop shouting out a “bot,” accounts that serve a single function on Reddit.

Under his Here_Comes_The_King account name, he says:

“shout out 2 captionbot tho! he fooled all yalll ha ha !!”

The next guy says:

“Snoop just gave a shoutout to /u/CaptionBot , is this real life?”

Another adds:


You can read Snoop’s latest Reddit AMA above, and upvote a thread on r/trees demanding he be made a mod here.

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