How LinkedIn Might Look Now That Teens Are Allowed


LinkedIn is known as the go-to business social network, and in August set the minimum age to 14 years old after only being open to those 18 or older.

Privacy is being taken very seriously, and teens using the social network will not have their profile appear in public search results for example.

While many teens are mature, and understand the potential consequences of what they post online, there are others who seem to go by their own set of rules.

They share photos of drinking, curse like a sailor, and get into flame wars that never seem to end.

Once LinkedIn welcomes more teens, here is how it might look:


You are able to endorse people for special skills or expertise. This will help take name calling to the next level, and showcase one’s ability to not be original.


Hashtags do not work on LinkedIn, but that does not stop people from using them. Thanks, Twitter.


Teens have a special love for posting song lyrics. It is a way to express themselves, and the kind of thing that employers are always looking for.


It is very easy to explore people you may know in the sidebar, and whenever someone you are connected to connects with someone, it is posted in the stream.

You never know what great, new connections are just a few clicks away.


Instead of being filled with spam and links to people’s blog posts, teens may take the opportunity to post in groups on LinkedIn asking for a great paying job with zero experience.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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