Nancy Grace Ruffles Feathers Over #ToiletBaby Hashtag

Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace is host of her own news show on HLN, and has caused controversy yet again, this time over use of the hashtag #ToiletBaby.

It all started with a segment about a woman who allegedly gave birth to a child in the restroom of a sports bar, and after suffocating the child, left it in the toilet.

To help drive Twitter discussion around the segment, Nancy Grace displayed the hashtag during her show (pictured above), and tweeted about it:

Nancy continued tweeting more details about the story with the hashtag, totaling nine tweets.

Here are what others had to say:

However, not all Twitter users felt the same way. Several found it to be a good time to crack some jokes:

Hashtags are an increasingly popular way for TV shows to generate discussion, but in the case of #Toiletbaby started by Nancy Gracy, one might question where the line should be drawn.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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