Lolo Jones Puts On 20 Pounds During Bobsled Training

lolo jones

Lolo Jones has put on 20 pounds since she took a hiatus from the track. But now, the Olympic sprinter hasn’t been sitting on the couch eating cheesy poofs all day. She’s been training for the 2014 Olympic games with the American bobsled team.

And apparently pushing a bobsled requires a lot more muscle than running on a track.

Jones posted a photo to Instagram today saying that she’s put on 20 pounds since she started working out with the Bobsled team. Jones was about 135 when she was running track and now she weighs about 155.

The former Olympic sprinter is hoping to get up to about 162 before the Sochi Olympics.

Jones writes on Instagram: “These used to be easier when I weighed 135lbs for Track. Now I weigh 155lbs! 7 lbs more to go. #sochi #winterOlympics.”

Jones is working hard to earn her place on the US Bobsled team and her recent weight gain is purely muscle. But that doesn’t mean that Lolo isn’t looking forward to the day when she retires and she can eat McDonald’s all she wants.

But retirement can wait. For the moment Lolo Jones is working on getting a little stronger every day.

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