Jennette McCurdy And Andre Drummond: A Social Media Love Story

jennette mccurdy instagram

Jennette McCurdy and Andre Drummond found love in an unusual place: Twitter.

The Nickelodeon star has been flirting with Drummond on Twitter and Instagram and this weekend they finally got together for a date to Disneyland.

The social media love story started this summer when Drummond admitted that he had a crush on McCurdy during “Woman Crush Wednesday.” See, hashtags really do serve a purpose.

McCurdy didn’t see his first post (well, she didn’t respond) but Drummond kept at it. He kept posting photos of Jennette McCurdy on Instagram until his crush finally started following him on Twitter.

Once the internet connection was made, McCurdy and Drummond started working on a real life relationship.

First came the happy birthday day wishes…

… And then the presents ….

And then the meeting.

Since then the two have played laser tag, made vine videos together, and spent a day at Disneyland.

Jennette McCurdy and Andre Drummond only recently met but it looks like they had a great time together. Are you surprised that they met on Instagram?

Dan Evon

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