Facebook Mobile Ad Market Share To Triple In 2013


Facebook ad revenue continues to grow, and according to a new report from market research company eMarketer, the social network will nearly triple its mobile ad market share this year.

In 2012, Facebook mobile ad revenue market share was at 5.35 percent, and is expected to increase to 15.80 percent in 2013. This is up 2.9 percent from eMarketer’s earlier estimate of 12.9 percent.


Google still leads in mobile ad revenue market share worldwide, taking 53.17 percent in 2013. However, that is only a 0.81 percent increase from 2012.

Stepping away from mobile, when it comes to digital ad revenue share, Facebook will only see a 1.3 percent increase from 2012 to 5.41 percent.


Google will experience a similar increase of 1.38 percent to 32.84 percent in 2013.

Although Facebook is expected to increase its digital ad revenue over $2 billion this year to $6.36 billion, Google’s digital ad revenue is expected to increase to $38.62 billion, up from $32.73 billion in 2012.


One metric yet to come into play is revenue from video ads. Rumored to launch this fall, a recent Bloomberg report predicts video ads could bring in $1 billion alone in 2014.

Lasting 15 seconds or less, Facebook video ads are said to run advertisers anywhere from $1 million to $2.5 million per day.

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