13 Vines That Will Make You Laugh More Than Six Seconds


Vine has quickly grown into a major social media player, and it was recently revealed that popular users are earning up to $10,000 for sponsored videos.

While the chances of you and I making major bank are rather slim, we can add to the laughter bank if such thing exists.

Since launching in January, Vine has been a comedy goldmine, and here is just a small sampling:

No funny Vine compilation is complete without Will Sasso. Famous for his five-year stint on MADtv, he came up with a random idea involving lemons, and the rest is history.

Will is also great with impressions such as this one of pro wrestler gone conspiracy nut, Jesse Ventura:

RED 6 has an awkward moment with his parents:

This next person is known for dancing like nobody is watching, and here are some of his best moves:

Roger Napalm is one of my favorites, and his character “Stuart The Fabulous” never fails to make me laugh:

Vine is only available for ages 17 and up, but that doesn’t keep some users from having fun with their kids:

Vincent Marcus is a pretty good beatboxer, and combined with some Family Guy impressions, came up with this brilliant clip:

If you get annoyed when people ignore you, imagine having Lil Jon as your grandfather:

Actor Brandon Hardesty helped start a trend on Vine with horrible dubs, and these are a couple of the best:

Conner O’Malley is loud and obnoxious, but his random posts will have you laughing while you try to process what just happened:

Do you Vine?

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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