Social Media Users Post Newborn Photos Within Hour Of Birth

Social Media

Social media is a popular way to share major life events, and according to a new survey, photos of newborn babies are uploaded within 57.9 minutes of birth on average.

The survey was done by Posterista, a company that makes posters from photos on social networks, and asked adults about sharing photos of children online.

62 percent of parents were likely to share photos of their newborn, with family members coming in at 22 percent, and close friends at 16 percent.

56 percent of parents share photos of their children to keep friends and family updated, while around 20 percent share such photos to essentially 1-up other parents.

49 percent share photos to express love, 34 percent to store their photos online, and 28 percent as a way to record their children’s early years.

Facebook, Instagram and Flickr, in that order, are the most popular social media platforms for sharing newborn photos, and 64 percent of parents upload photos of their children “at least three times per week.”

Around 20 percent share photos of their children about three times per month, and only six percent have never uploaded photos of their children to social media.

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