GIF Hell Tracks Top Gifs Shared On Twitter

GIF Hell

Animated gifs are a favorite among internet goers, and a new site called GIF Hell tracks the top gifs shared on Twitter in real time.

Created by web developer Adam Wentz, it is a very basic website that organizes gifs based on how many people have tweeted about them.

You can switch from the default “popular gifs on Twitter right now” to the “most tweeted” of all time.

GIF Hell works by simply monitoring Twitter search for URLs pointing to animated gifs. According to Adam, he’s not violating any rules related to the Twitter API, helping to ensure the site continues to function.

The MTV Video Music Awards took place Sunday evening, and there are many related gifs such as this one with Lady Gaga telling someone to open a car door:

GIF Hell does not filter out NSFW content being shown, so keep that in mind if you happen to be at the office.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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