Clinch Brings Location-Based Crowdsourcing To Photos And Videos


Clinch is an app that allows people to group photos or videos based on location, and launched today on Android.

Similar to Color, whenever a user takes a photo or records video, it is tagged with its location. If you choose to make your photos or videos public, others using the app can add it to their content, essentially crowdsourcing local events or concerts for example.

While you can select specific photos or videos from others to include, Clinch can automatically create clips using special algorithms.

To “mix clips” with other users, once you have taken video or photos, you are presented with a map of your location and several different options.

You can see content just from your friends or acquaintances labeled “My Crew,” or see clips from “Everyone” within a 10 mile radius. Clinch also allows you to search for photos or videos taken in the last 10 minutes to whenever.

Once you have created your clip, you can add music, share publicly, including to social networks, or privately and tag it with an appropriate category.

Users can check out other clips based on category, explore what’s popular or happening nearby and easily follow others.

Available for iOS and now Android, Clinch will run you 99 cents.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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