#SlaneGirl Goes Viral After Female Gives Oral Sex At Eminem Concert. Twitter Users Lulz At Her Expense

SlaneGirl Photo

The term #SlaneGirl has managed to go viral on Twitter. The global trending term came about after a young female performed oral sex on a male at an Eminem concert in Ireland.

A photo of the girls sexual act have been passed all around the internet despite her illegal 17-year-old age.

The female was performing oral sex on a shirtless male in a green hat when a passerby caught the act on their camera and uploaded the photo to the internet. The photo was uploaded with the hashtag #SlaneGirl.

Immediately following the photos appearance slutshaming quickly took front and center on Twitter. Here are some of the disturbing Tweets sent out by Twitter users:

And the list of tweets goes on and on and on.

While many of the tweets being sent out attack the young girl for her very bad decision, some Twitter followers are standing beside her:

The young girl in the photo was admitted to the hospital and sedated following the photos online release.

In the meantime Twitter has suspended dozens of accounts which engaged in child pornography by posting the #SlaneGirl photo.

James Kosur

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