Zeus Virus Modified To Steal Instagram Likes, More Valuable Than Credit Cards

Instagram Likes

The Zeus virus was first implemented to steal credit card information and to create a bot net involving hundreds of millions of PCs. Today a modified version of the virus is being used to hack Instagram accounts while creating thousands of fake “Likes.”

According to a Reuter’s report 1,000 credit card numbers inside a hacking forum may fetch $6 while 1,000 “Likes” can cost upwards of $30.

“Like’ purchases are used by companies and brand managers who want to make a product or company look more popular than it really is. When Instagram users see numerous likes from their friends, family members and co-workers they are more likely to Like the same post and even follow the same Instagram post.

The modified Zeus virus looks for Instagram login information on infected computers and then forces the Instagram user to Like or follow pages based on its own complex set of commands.

Instagram Likes are then sold through hacker forums where users buy the Likes with a few simple clicks of the keyword.

Facebook is well aware of the issue and has promised to roll out security upgrades that will lessen the impact of Instagram Like stealing from viruses.

In the meantime Facebook is urging customers to alert the social network to any suspicious activity.

In some cases businesses have bought hundreds of thousands of “likes” on Facebook and as a result have actually damaged their reputation.

Social network scams are constantly evolving which means fake Likes and follows are not likely to go away anytime soon.

James Kosur

James Kosur has worked in the new media space for the last 10 years, helping many publications build their audiences to millions of monthly readers. He currently serves as the Director of Business Development at Business2Community.com and the CEO of Aven Enterprises LLC.


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