Kate Gosselin: Ignore People Pretending To Be My Kids On Twitter

Gosselin kids twitter

Reality TV star Kate Gosselin says that there are people on Twitter who may or may not be posing as her kids.

So how do you tell the real McCoy apart from the posers? Simple. Kate Gosselin actually hasn’t let any of her children open their own Twitter account, though there are definitely some persuasive fakes.

It’s pretty easy, as you can see, to start a fake account for the Gosselin kids, especially since there’s so much information and so many pictures of them out there, but none of them are real. That makes things a bit easier, right?

If you want to follow the Gosselin brood online, Kate posts about them on Twitter incessantly, and she even allows them to post on her public website. The presence of Gosselin’s real-life children online has caused some controversy, even if the content they publish is strictly controlled by Kate.

For Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Siyana Riley writes:

“While I definitely feel bad for the children in this case, considering that no child should have to go through this, it is Kate’s fault for putting her children on the Internet in the first place. If they want to post and put up pictures, that’s their prerogative, and they should be able to do privately. Instead, Kate lets them post and puts up pictures on her site, which gets thousands of viewers daily. Of course you’re going to have Twitter posers. Like, duh.”

Do you think that Kate Gosselin should let her kids have real Twitter and Instagram accounts?

Dusten Carlson
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