Anna Kendrick Shares Hilarious Reaction To ‘Cups’ Success On Instagram

Anna Kendrick

Prepare yourselves for yet another reason to absolutely love Anna Kendrick.

You know that “Cups” song from Pitch Perfect that someone decided would be a great idea to turn into an actual studio-produced single? You’ve probably heard it on the radio because it’s, I don’t know, EVERYWHERE now thanks to its Top 10 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. And the weirdest thing about “Cups” is that it has been in the Top 10 for the last five weeks … even though it’s been out there for eight months.

I mean, we love Anna Kendrick, and her “Cups” performance was an awesome scene in Pitch Perfect, but … why the hell is the single so popular? We don’t know. And neither does Anna Kendrick.

Just in case you’re a visual learner, here’s Anna Kendrick’s Instagram reaction to the success of “Cups”.

Dusten Carlson
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