Pervy Mayor Bob Filner Banned From Hooters [Photo]

Bob Filner Hooters

San Diego mayor Bob Filner is a giant pervert, according to women he used to work with, his former fiancee, and pretty much any female with legs and a pulse he has ever come into contact with. He’s not stepping down (despite pressure from within his own party) and has completed some sort of pervert rehab program.

Lawsuits are still pending, but as of yet Filner hasn’t suffered any real consequences for his pervy actions. Well, except that he’s all persona non grata at his local Hooters.

Even better, this was apparently a corporate decision for all Hooters restaurants in the San Diego area.

“The signs went up at our four locations in San Diego this morning,” Melissa Fry, director of marketing for HootWinc, told Slate.

“It’s not a political move for us in any way, shape, or form. We’re strictly taking a stand for the fair treatment of women. At our franchise alone, we employ 1100 beautiful, talented women.”

Looks like Bob Filner will have to find another family establishment when he wants to get his “wang” on.

[Image: Wikimedia Commons]

Dusten Carlson
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