Facebook Selfies Can Hurt Relationships, Study Finds

Facebook Photos

Facebook photos, especially selfies, can negatively affect your relationships, according to a new study by U.K. researchers.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh, University of Birmingham and University West of England, found that users have a difficult time controlling exactly what each of their friends see.

Because one’s “friends” can include a number of different people from work associates to family, this makes some photos less appealing to others.

A “decrease in intimacy and closeness” in relationships was found among those sharing too many Facebook photos of themselves or friends, and those who shared more photos of family were often linked to positive feelings of support.

Also, users who participate in Facebook contests that involve posting or sharing a photo, are looked at negatively by their friends.

The study can be read in full here, and data was collected among people of five different groups: relatives, partners (significant other), colleagues, close friends and “general” Facebook friends.

If you have a hard time not posting selfies to Facebook, at least take some pointers from Val Kilmer.

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