Yelp Finally Adds Ability To Post Reviews From Mobile


Yelp is finally rolling out the ability to post reviews from its mobile app, starting first with iOS. The feature is said to be “coming soon” to Android, and there is currently no mention of when it will hit the Windows Phone or BlackBerry app.

To leave a review, simply navigate to the business’ page. Underneath its name and hours, you should now see a button that says “Add Review.”

According to Yelp, if any reviews are found to be too short, they may change them to a “Tip.” This is to help keep reviews as useful, and informative as possible.

If your review ends up being changed to a “Tip,” you are able to go back and add more details, which it can then be resubmitted as a review.

While it is puzzling why it took the social local review site so long to add posting reviews from mobile, VP of consumer and mobile products Eric Singleymade a good point back in 2009:

But why not full reviews? Well imagine what it would be like if reviews were done in SMS shorthand: “OK so, IANAE, but AFAIC this place has THE best Cfood. It was gr8! ADBB” Um, yeah.

We love the witty quality of the reviews and the insight that Yelpers share in their detailed accounts of their experiences. While we’re not saying that writing Yelp reviews on your mobile device is out of the question, we feel very strongly about maintaining the high level of content you all provide.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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