Hanes Gets Personal, Wants To Know Your #UndercoverColor


Hanes, the top apparel brand with celebrity endorser Michael Jordan at the helm, wants women to tweet their underwear color using the hashtag #UndercoverColor.

The campaign was started on July 29, and users can participate by tweeting with the hashtag or by visiting the Undercover Color website.

When you first land on the website, you choose what color underwear you are wearing. Then, you are presented with several “tiles” that can be easily shared to Twitter, announcing your color to the world.

However, if you are wearing black, white or nude colored underwear, Hanes doesn’t seem too interested.

According to director of marketing David Robertson, the company wanted to create a fun dialogue among millennial women who tend to be more open sharing such details.

So far, the Twitter campaign has been well received, peaking at over 100 tweets per hour. According to Hashtracking.com, since collecting data on the evening of August 9, the #UndercoverColor hashtag has reached over 360,000 Twitter users.

Hanes has also teamed up with style experts to giveaway accessories and colorful underwear each week through August 30.

For a chance to win, you have to use the #UndercoverColor hashtag. Thanks to the great work that Hanes is doing, guys can now get inside info without receiving a slap upside the head.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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