NBC News Acquires Live Mobile Video Service Stringwire


NBC News has acquired Stringwire, a mobile-based live video streaming service for an undisclosed sum. The service is currently in private beta, and geared towards news organizations.

Working with a number of verified contributors, one can “recruit” Twitter users based on their location to provide real-time video.

The contributor can then control multiple video feeds by switching from one to another, essentially turning it into a live news broadcast.

Twitter has long been a popular source for breaking news, and this new streaming service will help organizations stay on top of situations as they happen instead of reporting after the fact.

From PCMag:

Stringwire is at the leading edge of user-generated video products, with immediate value to our on-air and digital businesses,” NBC News Chief Digital Officer Vivian Schiller said in a statement. “Phil [Groman] is an incredibly talented developer and inventor who will bring a wealth of innovative and entrepreneurial experience to the NBC News Digital Group.

Stringwire is still in the early stages, and NBC News hopes to start implementing the technology within the next few months.

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